CMX Oil and Gas Exploration Consultants

Douglas H. McGinness, Geological Advisor, Emeritus
Ken LeBlanc – Certified Petroleum Geologist
McCartney Engineering, LLC, Reservoir Engineering Consultant

Brad Crouch - Licensed Drilling Engineer - Tres Management
Craig Northcutt - Licensed Petroleum Engineer, Basin Engineer (Oklahoma City, OK)
Harold Bellerieve - Drilling, Completion and Production Engineer and Well Log Analyst
Terry Madden - Production Consultant
Garrett Cook - Production Consultant
Zach Unruh - Pumper
Dale Levins - Production Secretary
Gary Countryman - Pumper
Jack Hacker - Pumper and Production Consultant
Ken Martin - Contract Pumper
Luke McDonald - Contact Roustabout & Construction
Arthur Bailey - CPA & Business Consultant
Larry Phillips - CPA & Oil & Gas Property Tax Consultant
Douglas H. McGinness III - IT & Media Consultant
Kim McGinness Honeycutt - Webmaster


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