CMX Oil and Gas Exploration Corporate Directors

Douglas H. McGinness IIDouglas H. McGinness II, President and Exploration Manager of CMX.  He received a B.S. Degree in Geology in 1980 from WSU, served as a Research Assistant for the Departmental Chair in 1980 and completed several hours towards a MS degree before deciding to head to the 'oilfields’ in the summer of 1980. Since 1980 he has served as a Consulting Geologist, and a partner with his father in McGinness & McGinness, Wichita, Kansas, concentrating on wellsite geology, prospect generation, acreage evaluations, drilling supervision, and well log analysis, primarily in Kansas, Oklahoma, southwestern Nebraska, and eastern Colorado.  As a Consultant, Mr. McGinness has supervised the drilling of over 650 wells. Over a 30+ year career as a geologist and oil operator, Mr. McGinness has also been involved as an owner or co-owner of several successful independent oil and gas companies. Mr. McGinness is a Certified Petroleum Geologist, #3962, through the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Division of Professional Affairs.  He is a Licensed Geologist (KS #178) through Kansas State Board of Technical Professions.  He is a Certified Professional Earth Scientist through SIPES (#1964) and was elected President of the Wichita Chapter of SIPES for 2005-2006.  He is a member of the Kansas Geological Society and published the “Geology of the Hardtner Field,” Kansas Oil and Gas Fields, Vol. 5, KGS, 1985.  He is recognized by the Kansas Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the State of Colorado Division of Securities as an expert geological witness.

Curtis F. ClarkCurtis F. Clark, Vice President, Operations Manager, Secretary-Treasurer and a Director of CMX.  He graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK in 1975.  Following a stint at the University of Kansas for graduate studies, Mr. Clark joined Clark's Service in 1977, located in Hardtner Kansas, the family oil and gas service business founded by his grandfather in 1920. Since 1977 he has been the Manager of Clark’s Service, a partnership, originally with his father, primarily engaged in oil and gas contract production and engineering.  As a Contract Production Engineer, Mr. Clark’s clients have included Amoco Oil Company, Phillips Petroleum, Tenneco Oil Company, Champlin Petroleum, American Petrofina, Williams Bros. and Texas Oil and Gas.  Mr. Clark has extensive experience in well completion, oil and gas well production, natural gas gathering, compression, processing, transportation, gas contracts and purchasing.  Mr. Clark brings wealth of knowledge to CMX in all facets of operations and production management.


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